CorePowered Scale & Grow Planner Kits and Templates and all copy, graphics, files and resources contained in the Kits and Templates (“Materials”) are owned by CorePowered Entrepreneurs LLC (“CorePowered”) and come with a non-exclusive limited use license for licensees (“Licensee”). Please read the terms and conditions below and contact us if you have any questions:

Licensee May:

  • Use the Materials to create derivative work for their own personal use or their own business use.
  • Use the Materials for multiple businesses for which the member is the sole owner.

Licensee May NOT:

  • Sell the Materials to a third-party.
  • Loan, share, distribute or give away the Materials or otherwise allow a third-party to use the Materials in any way other than to create derivative work for the Licensee’s own personal or business use.
  • Transfer the Materials to clients, customers, employees, contractors or other third-parties, even if you have modified the Materials.
  • Transfer ownership of the Materials or access to the Materials to a third party – whether a client, customer, business partner, employee or contractor.
  • Use the Materials for client or customer work, even if the Materials are not being directly transferred to the client or customer.
  • Include the Materials in website templates, design templates, quote templates, or any other editable product for sale or free distribution.
  • Create derivative products from the Materials either for sale or to give away for free.
  • Use the Materials to create commercial products for sale or to give away. This includes derivative products.
  • Claim the Materials as your own.

Legal Considerations:

  • Copyright of the Materials remains with CorePowered and is not transferred to the Licensee.
  • Licensee understands that they are responsible for adherence of this license agreement by all parties having access to the Materials including employees and contractors and have made these parties aware of the terms and conditions contained herein.
  • Members acknowledge that CorePowered does not make any representations or assurances of non-infringement and does not make claim to have received releases from any brands or third-parties for use of products, registered trademarks, logos or intellectual property portrayed in the Materials. Members agree that neither CorePowered nor its representatives shall be liable for any damages resulting from the use of any of the Materials provided. CorePowered shall not be liable for any claims related to, or resulting from, your use of the Materials, which may or may not have been modified by you or combined with other content.

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Last updated: 8/14/2020